Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tumblr quotes to help your life

Tumblr quotes for every situation..

I know some of you out there may not have Tumblr, and I thought that you guys are really missing out on some great life advice and deep quotes. So I put together this little compilation for you whenever you are in need of some words of wisdom..

1.Reality Check
2. Break-Up
3. Appearance
4. Lonely/Not cared about
5. Bad night
6. Eaten too much
7. Wise Words
8. Suicide
9. Sexuality
10. Age
11. General Life Advice

1.  After a reality check?


2. Going through a break-up? (This has a dirty part, I warned ya)

3. Feeling unattractive?

4.  Feel like no body cares/lonely? 
Strangers on the internet do, that counts right.

5. You're having a bad night? click on source to get the links

6. Feel like you've eaten too much? Disgusted at yourself? 

7. Never had words of wisdom from your parents? don't worry Tumblrs got it. (This ones my favourite!!)

8.Struggling to think of a reason to carry on living?

9. Discriminated against for your sexuality?

10. Feel like you're too old/young to do something?

11. Just need some general life pointers?

Monday, 28 April 2014

How to fall asleep quickly..

It can't just be me who whenever they attempt to fall asleep, can't? Too often I find myself wriggling all night whilst my brain starts spouting all sorts at me, from that one small thing I should of done two years ago to how tonight's dinner was a bit too spicy and I'll probably regret it in the morning. Even more so if it’s of vital importance that I have an early night, which leads to me getting more and more frustrated and in turn feeling more awake? It’s a vicious circle- but do not worry because I’m here to offer you some fabulous tips and tricks on how to go out like a light as soon as you hit the pillow (no drugging involved).

First of all: I know that you would of heard this from everyone and from every angle but this is actually so important- Time spent on electronic screens before sleep. Like hello, this seems obvious.. yet most people still are on their phones or laptops straight up until they close their eyes and then get annoyed that their brain is still buzzing from all the bright light and entertainment.
I know that Tumblr and Youtube can be addicting, but don't blame Dan Howell for your late night (hey hey) because this is your own doing.

So tip number one, is to stay away from your laptop, phone or anything of the sorts just before you go to bed.. even if it is for 15 minutes you will certainly notice a difference.

Secondly:  For me anyway, this is an important one. Make sure your feet are warm before you get into bed, or when you're in bed do a nice-warming-cold-bed-up dance. This way you aren't fidgeting for ages trying to get cosy or sticking half of one leg out of the bed to try and find the perfect temperature. (Is anyone else too scared to stick their leg out of the duvet all the way in case some pair of monsters come and
grab them in the night?).

Thirdly: Have a warm bath or shower before bed. This might sound like a lot of effort, but the warm water is so relaxing. This interesting article in the Daily Mail explains that the temperature of your body has an amazing influence on making your body fall asleep. The drop in temperature from a warm bath makes your body snooze away, who would of guessed?

FINALLY: Although there are some physical reasons why you are feeling restless, more than likely it is all mental. Your brain is more active when you are thinking thoughts which have words in, you know that speaking which happens in your brain- so when you try to drift off.. instead of speaking to yourself try just picturing visions instead. This works a treat. Visualize something calming, like being on a beach with the sun shining down on you and then you'll be away with the Zzzz's in no time.

Hope this helps you all:) xo